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Limpopo Digital Transformation Summit - Microsoft SA

On 4 and 5 March 2020, the Limpopo Digital Transformation Summit was held at the Meropa Sun International Hotel in Polokwane.

This pivotal summit focused on the ITC sector in Limpopo, while also creating a market place for the inhabitants of the province to discover and use the latest technological advancements and transformations available to the youth and SMME’s.

As a silver sponsor f this exhibition, we were tasked with constructing the exhibition stand for Microsoft SA, who also had their executive director, Mr Siya Madyibi, invited to participate as an event speaker.

Attended by various key role players in the industry, such as network administrators and financial directors, the summit was also attended by top level education and medical institution heads, sale and procurement managers as well as provincial and municipal leaders.

The custom exhibition stand design created for Microsoft at this year’s exhibition was constructed to amplify Microsoft’s presence in this ever changing industry.  While it was not overly exaggerated, it was not a simplistic exhibition stand design.

Microsoft’s expo stand design was an efficient example of our professional approach to exhibition stand design. While it was not created as a standard shell scheme, it was created to maximise the allotted space allowed for the exhibition stand.

Our expert team of industry specialists crafted an exhibition design that was multi-dimensional, creating an enclosed and private space, to enable a more relaxed atmosphere where in to network.  Not only was this exhibition design aesthetically pleasing, but it was also practical and enhanced Microsoft’s digital presence.

With enough floor space to comfortably accommodate multiple attendees, as well as ample storage facilities, this customized exhibition stand was flawlessly constructed.  Modern touches to the floors and walls also ensured that this stand stood out amongst the other exhibition stand designs, which is why we are leading exhibition stand builders.

Exhibition stand

Mining Indaba 2020 Exhibition Stands

The Cape Town International Conference Centre was once again host to Africa’s biggest mining investment event, the African Mining Indaba, which was held from 3 to 6 February 2020.

While this year’s Mining Indaba was welcoming to more than 6000 delegates and speakers, ministers and investors from over 94 countries, the enhanced business matchmaking and expanded IR team meant that the networking potential between these exclusive stake holders was unparalleled.

Optimising growth and investment in the digitised mining economy was met with the largest gathering of Pan-African and Global Ministers, pioneering insights and discussions between industry heavyweights at this world-renowned exhibition.

Exhibition Stand Builders are not only preferred providers of customized exhibition stands, but are also professional suppliers and logistical experts when it comes to the supplying and designing of your company’s expo and conference needs.

Whether your exhibition stands needs to be re-designed or stored and re-assembled, our team of experts will be able to ensure that you can attend your chosen exhibitions at any local or global event.

At this year’s Mining Indaba, we were honoured to design and construct the booths for prestigious enterprises such as TMS, Perenti and the EPC Group.  Over 200 exhibitors were showcased at Cape Town’s premier exhibition venue, and we made no exception ensuring that our clients had not only the best stands, but that our clients were able to make the most out their regular attendances.

As it may not always be economical or eco-friendly to continuously design new exhibition stands, Exhibition Stand Builders have been able to assist exhibitors such as TMS with having easy to re-use, transportable, storable and functional customised exhibition stands. These stands are durable and designed to be relocated to where our clients require their exhibitions needs to be met.

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Microsoft Govtech 2019

27 -30 October 2019 saw the Durban International Convention Centre host the Government Technology Conference (GovTech).  This conference, which is a strategic platform for thought leadership in the quest by the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) to improve service delivery by government through the provision of ICT technologies and other systems in a secured environment, is also mandated to change the culture of public service as well as digitally transforming the state.

The 2019 GovTech conference presented 4 tracks discussing protection, digital economy, economic transformation and service delivery infrastructure.  Amongst the numerous industrious exhibitors was one of the primary sponsors, Microsoft South Africa, who chose Exhibition Stand Builders to not only design, but also construct their customized exhibition stand.

This conference is a platform which brings together government, industry and business, through multi-layered engagement, to reinforce SITA’s commitment to provide and showcase the latest technologies, solutions and trends across both the public and private sectors.

As a leading industry figure in the technology industry, Microsoft South Africa has partnered with SITA and has been endorsed by government as a key partner in enabling South Africa’s government’s digital transformation.

To ensure that Microsoft’s exhibition stand was prominent at this year’s conference, Exhibition Stand Builders were very excited to showcase our own award winning talents.  Designing and constructing their very unique and easily recognizable customized exhibition stand, our innovative team was able to guarantee that our client’s brand and products took centre stage amongst the other exhibitors.  Constructed as a multi-dimensional stand, this customized exhibition stand provided both areas for networking and storage, but also consisted of areas designed to be informative, utilizing the latest digital information aids.

Keeping in line with health and safety protocols, this two-tiered exhibition stand was constructed as a focal point and the interior design was professionally executed, ensuring that our client was once again able to have a successful and memorable exhibition stand experience.

Exhibition stand design

Exhibition Stands that will blow your mind

Way back, a trade show booth could be expected to look a certain way – a couple of trestle tables, a few display cases… very standardised and, frankly, not particularly exciting. Today’s exhibition stand design, however, can involve anything from hidden rooms to activities for visitors to enjoy. There are some of the best ideas we’ve seen that really speak to the brand.

Pop-up restaurants

This is one of our favourite design ideas. The sheer simplicity of having a mini-coffee shop where you can sample the product offers guests an enjoyable respite from the chaos of an expo. The layout and design provides a comfortable, familiar feeling that people will easily recognise and be drawn to.

Show and tell

This fun exhibition stand doubled as a magazine cover to show the power of collaboration. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if your booth design can get your message across with just a single glance, you’ve already won. Even those whose curiosity isn’t piqued enough to pay a full visit, will remember the messaging.

If not, why not?

You’re not exactly going to replicate your entire business in the exhibition stand… are you? This exhibition stand design idea does exactly that. And we say, why on earth not? This is a stunning idea for showcasing your products. You not only build brand awareness; you leverage the opportunity to make hands-on sales. It’s a win-win situation!

Our business is all about making your business stand out. We design and build exhibition stands, booths and kiosks that suit your needs, with a creative flair that will draw attention to you. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you today.

**Feature image credit: https://free3d.com/3d-model/exhibition-stand-9319.html

Do’s and Don'ts of exhibition booth construction

The days of boring, identical exhibition stands are long gone. No more of the same old, same old little square booths with insulated walls and a trestle table, with extension cords criss-crossing the floors and tripping people. In the last couple of decades, we have, instead, seen some exciting, fun, innovative booth designs that have knocked our socks off. From fully immersive AR experiences, to custom-built moving platforms, exhibition stand design has changed the way we experience these events.

No matter how exciting these developments, however, there are, and probably always will be, certain limitations to any exhibition booth construction. Conference and exhibition organisers will inevitably have a list of specifications that your stand has to comply with, and it pays to get these early, so that your booth design and construction goes off without a hitch.

The beauty of working with an established and experienced conference or exhibition booth designer and builder is that they are not only already familiar with working within these constraints, but they also usually know the venues well, and understand their little quirks – and we guarantee you, there are quirks.

Here are three quick ways to make your booth stand out:

Be open and inviting

Don’t make it difficult for people to view your products or services, and don’t make it hard for them to move around. Unless there is a very good reason to close off an area, keep the flow in and around your booth as free as possible.

People don’t like to feel trapped, and at a busy event, where thousands of people are jostling for space, people are even less likely to enter an area where they feel even more cramped, and may avoid your booth entirely. On the other hand, if they can move easily and freely, they are more likely to stick around and ask the right questions

Keep your messaging clear

We can’t tell you how often we have been asked to build custom exhibition booths that include whole paragraphs of text. Here’s the thing: most people don’t bother reading anything longer than one sentence if it is on a billboard or other type of display. If you can keep your core message to a maximum of eight to twelve words, people are considerably more likely to not only read the whole message but inquire about more information. That’s the perfect opportunity to give them the much more in-depth pitch.

Don’t be a blocker

It is very tempting to make your stand so large, so attractive and so overwhelming that everyone else’s fades into obscurity. It is, however, frowned upon to block the public’s view of or access to another exhibitor. It can lead to a breakdown in industry relationships and can cause you to develop a poor reputation in conference circles.

If you want any more in-depth advice about designing a booth, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.